• 12/28/2021
Great delivery, much appreciated
• 12/3/2021
Disappointed with the chip and salsa size. There were 3 different sizes for chips. Small, medium, large and I ordered a large but it was a small bag. I ordered a 16oz salsa and it definitely wasn’t 16oz but other than that it was great
• 11/12/2021
The burrito felt like it got soaked in water before delivered. It also unwrapped within the first bite. By far the singlehandedly worst burrito i’ve ever been served
• 10/14/2021
I didn’t get any of my drinks. And no forks
• 10/1/2021
I had to go pick up my own order. When I called for an update they told me my order was not being done. I get to the restaurant and my order is sitting on the table waiting for a delivery. Terrible.
• 2/6/2021
I didn’t get my burrito king and my cheese nachos I need my money back
• 10/2/2020
Food was cold
• 9/17/2020
Food was slightly cold
• 8/6/2020
Flavorful authentic Mexican food! Delivery is usually pretty fast (20-30 min). One time, it did take about an hour and 40 min for delivery but the customer service was great when I called. Issue was corrected and our food was delivered shortly after.
• 7/4/2020
For the 3rd time in 30 days I asked for hot salsa on the side and the instruction was ignored. After speaking to the restaurant for 15 minutes they blamed the platform for not reading the special instructions, etc. Eventually they sent a person with the hot salsa, which is to die for.
• 5/13/2020
I got everything I asked for exactly the way I wanted it. It was just as good as going and getting the food myself. I appreciate the great, fast, and accurate service. I will be back!! 🙂

• 4/10/2020
The tortilla chips are amazing, thick and crunchy, and the salsa is the perfect level of spicy for a white girl like me 🙂
• 8/2/2019
Burrito king never got my order and when I call they blocked my number! Not happy!!!
• 4/12/2019
everything was delicious; requested jalapenos and did not get them though.
• 3/14/2019
I placed an order on line and specifically wrote on the order wht I wanted but when I finally got the order 2hrs later it was totally wrong. Called to try to talk to someone and the phone just keep ringing. This isn’t the first time I placed an online order and they messed it up. Will NOT RECOMMEND NOR WILL I BE BACK
• 4/28/2018
Excelente love eating here. Best Mexican food ever.
• 1/28/2018
The food was amazing but it took almost an hour and a half to come. Came way past the time it said it would.
• 12/22/2017
Food got here exactly at the predicted time. However, I was missing a beverage that I ordered and didn’t get it or get a refund for it.
• 10/20/2017
I love Burrito King! Service is great and food is tasty! Their tacos are my favorite!
• 7/23/2017
my food was hot and delicious. delivery was pretty fast.
• 1/2/2017
I never got my food?
• 12/30/2016
It’s been 1hr and a half. I have not received my order and they won’t pick up their phones.